Grounding: So What’s the Big Deal?

ID-100372576Have you ever met someone who seems to get into accidents ALL THE TIME? Hopefully not major ones, but lots and lots of minor accidents? We’ve seen people who are always tripping over their feet, or bumping into people as they walk. Maybe you live with someone who is always dropping things around the house. And maybe this is you… Unless there are other mental and physical reasons why these instances may occur, there may be a simple solution that can help – grounding.

Others may find it difficult to focus and concentrate. I mean, we DO live in a society with lots of stimuli, which makes it easy to become distracted by the little AND big things. Some find that their thoughts are running a mile-a-minute; they just can’t seem to slow things down enough to focus or concentrate. You ask them a simple question and they have a hard time getting centered enough to begin to tell you the answer. Does this describe you? Do you have a hard time falling asleep at night? We all experience times where we have alot on our plates – life can be busy. Maybe this describes what you encounter daily? If so, then there is something you can do to grab the reigns back and help to take back control. And maybe, just maybe, you can begin to remember your first name again…

If you have ever taken a yoga class, you may have already been introduced to the concept of grounding. And if you have taken a meditation class, you have already been introduced to this concept. For those who aren’t as well-versed, picture the root system of plants and trees. They are “grounded” to the soil or Earth. If they weren’t, if they didn’t have those strong roots to take up nutrients and secure them to the ground, then they wouldn’t thrive or remain stable when its windy outside. From a human energy perspective, we all have our own roots. They develop when you are born through the development of the 1st chakra. This particular chakra runs down the legs and helps carry us forward in life. For instance, when we move to a new state, neighborhood or house, we have to lift up our roots and put them back down into the new place we have chosen to live. And during this process, many notice leg aches and pains during that sort of transition.

If you are someone who knows how to ground, then you are someone who is firmly connected to the Earth. Like everyone else, you experience stressful times and unlimited thoughts, but you know techniques to help re-ground and center yourself when things get tough. If we aren’t grounded we have no where to send those stressful occurrences or energy that no longer serves us for our highest and greatest good. And what can happen then? Well, that congested energy will continue to cycle in our fields until it can be released. Some may even develop physical pains or sensations that aren’t comfortable if the energy builds up long enough. Most people I see are not grounded when they come through the door. Often, one side of their bodies is grounded while the other one is unsure how to move forward, is not adjusting well to a recent job change, school, relationship issue or became ungrounded because of a stressful occurrence. And the list can go on and on…

In the next post I will share some techniques I know to check your grounding. I will also share some quick tips for things you can do to quickly re-ground if you are at work or have just had an interaction that knocked you off your center. Make time for self-care and continue to learn about ways to support that journey. Namaste.

S Granahan 2015Sarah Granahan, HTP-A, RMT – has been passionate about energy healing for over 10 years. She is a Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice and Reiki Master / Teacher. Sarah began her studies at InVision in Chicago, IL where she learned about meditation and how to provide energy work for clients. In 2013 she began advanced studies with The Healing Touch Program and went on to study Reiki. Sarah sees clients in northwest Raleigh at The Sagewood Center and now in Apex at Syeni Salon & Day Spa. She makes hospice center and hospital visits aside from booking sessions worldwide through her distance work. A humanitarian at heart, she volunteers with The Healing Touch Community Clinic monthly at WakeMed Hospital in Cary, NC.


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