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Sharing insights and experiences through various creative mediums as people rediscover their Light and add color to their spirits…

Our Background

 With the launch of Color My Spirit, LLC in 2012, Sarah Granahan’s life has been profoundly shaped by her passionate commitment to putting an end to abuse in all forms and ensuring people feel empowered enough to stand up for what’s right – to say, enough is enough. Because from that point, the problem can be seen, heard, evaluated and stopped.

Born and raised in Northbrook, IL as Sarah Correa, she has had many spiritual and psychic experiences that were difficult to explain in a logical way. Since this sort of phenomena wasn’t readily accepted by society, her abilities were brushed off. As an adult, Sarah would embark on developing her own abilities after she fell ill in her mid-twenties.

She began to search for answers that traditional medicine couldn’t provide. Test after test, she was considered to be a healthy young woman, but didn’t feel that way. Sarah began researching alternative healing processes. This drove her to look even deeper, past her physical body and into her mind and spirit.

What she found was comforting – there were many people going through similar experiences. So she read about their journeys, and learned how they began to find relief. She studied meditation, and began to learn about daily affirmations and the human energy field. By becoming more self-aware, Sarah developed a greater appreciation for her whole body and began to embrace her visions and natural intuition too.

In 2010, Sarah began having anxiety attacks that were constant and rather intense, affecting the quality of her life. She found relief in talk therapy and learned that some of the abuse from her past was causing her uncomfortable sensations many years later. After a while, the attacks ceased and she began to heal. At the same time, her creativity began to escalate. She found that writing and art were apart of her therapy, an outlet for her feelings on the events she experienced as a young child and adult. Her novel, Koko’s Gift and comic book series, Chakrula, were created by drawing from these life experiences, where she later found relief and healing.

She has been featured in articles from The Northbrook Tower and Tinley Junction newspapers, and interviewed on the blogsite Comic and Movie Reviews.

Sarah resides in Tinley Park, IL with her husband Matthew and their children. She believes it is important to embrace the unique gifts each one of us has and to always be open to change and new experiences – the good and the bad. Because these are the very factors that help to color our spirits.

Our Disclaimer

Self-awareness practices and spiritual healing are not replacements to conventional medicine.  They should only be used as complements.  It is always best to seek medical attention for any physical or mental symptoms you may be experiencing.

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