The Hay House Heal Summit is Back!

GET EXCITED! The Hay House HEAL Summit is BACK! This time they have paired up with the creators of the Netflix documentary HEAL to give you an all new POWERFUL week of FREE tools from your favorite healing experts such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, Anthony William, Bruce Lipton Ph.D., Lissa Rankin M.D., and

MANY MORE! This SEVEN-day FREE event takes place October 23rd-29th and is designed to give YOU mind, body, and soul healing solutions! Experience 3-4 NEW video lessons each day and all are available FREE for 24 hours. Click SNEAK PEEK to check out a few of the incredible lessons now!

Sarah Granahan, HTP-A, RMT – has been passionate about energy healing and helping others for over 14 years. She is a Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice, Holy Fire®Reiki Master / Teacher and Integrative Health Coach trained at Duke I/M. Sarah is also a Metaphysical Educator and offers classes and experiences with Spirit’s Quest. Sarah began her studies at InVision in Chicago, IL where she learned about meditation, psychic development and how energy healing worked. In 2013 she began advanced studies with The Healing Touch Program and went on to study Reiki. Sarah sees clients in northwest Raleigh at Spirit’s Quest. She makes hospice center, home and hospital visits aside from booking sessions worldwide through her distance work. More about Sarah at:

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