Heal Your Business By Healing Yourself with Dr. Veronica Anderson, MD


I started my own business back in 2012 when I became a stay-at-home mom for many of 0the same reasons that people enjoy having their own businesses. I saw a need and had found my mission (insert happy dance). I wanted to help others and become apart of the wave of people creating more positive entertainment and services to help support people and heal the planet. I was on fire with my new calling, but didn’t really understand back then that like all things, business has an energy component to it. I was simply excited about the perks of opening my own business – I got to create my own hours and I could work from home. Aside from that, I would get to be my own boss – how awesome was that?

Besides needing a flexible schedule with my children, I had a few products I just wanted to get out into the world. In my mind, they contained content and messages that people needed to hear, topics that would help them realize there is so much more out there than meets the eye. Back then, my heart was overflowing with the concept that I kept telling myself – if my books touch at least one person, then I will be happy.

Now, keep this comment in the back of your mind for now and keep reading…(wink, wink). So I made my business official and right away launched my first couple of products – a novel Koko’s Gift and metaphysical comic book, Chakrula. I had plenty of sales from the launches and compliments about my creative projects, even a few interested publishers, but after that initial tidal wave of customers I didn’t see as many people flooding in to buy up my books. What did I need to do in order to reach even more people? Why weren’t people finding my products? Why was this happening when I had such a good idea – I just wanted to help people.

You see, my heart was in the right place but my mind, the mind needed some work. And at this point in being my own boss, the dilemma of marketing and reaching a wider audience fell on no one else’s shoulders but my own. And at the time, I had no clue as what I could do to improve my situation. You see, juggling work with being a stay-at-home-mom, I was like any other SAHM – sleep-deprived, raising kids who needed you all the time with barely having any time for myself.

One day during naptime for my kids, I began to think back to the time before all the busyness of my growing family ensued… and I realized something about myself. I was REALLY good at improving things in my personal life. I came up with the idea for my mission to help people after my health hit rock bottom in 2006. Before then my body was sick and practically undiagnosible by the medical community. I had signs of thyroid problems and when my blood was tested, my body reflected the image of a healthy 25 year-old, but that was far from the image my physical body reflected. I had chronic symptoms that only worsened as the months wore on and I had no energy to do anything. What I realized back then was for some reason, I had to personally investigate my own health issues to discover the healing processes I used to heal and discover the passion I love so much. Thinking back to all of what got me to where I was, I became clearer on the fact that I didn’t just want to write about healing, chakras and energy techniques anymore. I wanted to get out there and provide energy healing services for people and watch them get inspired as they healed as well. That would help grow my business!

So I squeezed in some classes into my busy mom schedule and began offering not only the books I was selling, but also energy services to my clientele. Certainly, people would find me and see how much I could help them. I had healed my own body and knew the processes that helped get me from no energy and health issues to feeling better again. And I did start to find people to support, but then my family had to leave Illinois and move to North Carolina. We were excited about the new adventure but being my own boss, I thought – Now I will have to start over again with finding clients! How will I begin to get the word out about what I can offer in a state I’m not familiar with?

And in this moment of defeat, it was like I had been clunked on top of my head as I pieced all these life lessons together. I realized the issue – instead of sending out those fearful and worrisome thoughts I had upon moving my business and starting over again, I realized that I needed to run my business much like I had improved my personal life.When I was sick I had to figure out how to make myself feel better again and running the worrisome and fearful dialogue did nothing more then keep me in a state of sickness and left me feeling unsupported. I had witnessed greater results and healing when I focused on using more uplifting methods. So why wasn’t I using this same process in all aspects of my life, especially with regrowing and developing my healing business? This was a HUGE aw-ha moment for me!

There is energy in all aspects of life and even in business – it doesn’t just start and stop at how much schooling you have and what type of degree you received. I mean, that sure helps set you up for certain positions and opportunities, but there is an energetic component to business as well. You could have the fanciest degree from the best school but maybe you have problems keeping a job in your line of work. Or the job you have could change and become something that you aren’t loving so much anymore. You see, a lot of it is where you set your intentions and goals. How are you viewing what you do for a living? Do you love the job you have? Are you in alignment with what you do for a living and the services you offer people? Do you want to help as many people as you can or do you feel that there are other people out there more suited to do the same work?

A whole new world opened up to me – so that’s why people set “goals” at work? I call them intentions in the line of work I do, but it makes so much sense. If you aren’t clear with what your intentions are with anything you do in life, then as they say, you get what you get and don’t through a fit! I discovered that I needed to decide, how many clients I want to help each week. Was there a certain amount of revenue I needed to pay the bills so I could also pay myself as a small business owner? What did my business look like when it was thriving? What else!?

I had so many supportive questions now! I began vision-boarding every aspect I could with my business and guess what? The phone began to ring and clients were finding me online and booking sessions with me in my new home state! I mean advertising is a wonderful thing, and I do utilize some services to help with that but I noticed an increase of bookings and business opportunities when I got clearer with what I wanted my business to look like.

Now, this is only one area I used to help take me from someone just starting out to someone who is busy and successfully helping others get clearer with what they want out of their own lives. I have a few other tips and tricks I help work with clients on to help them grow their relationships, their businesses and get into better alignment with what they want out of life. But the key is to look at the energy of what you are creating and then make sure you are in alignment with what you want to create and what will support you the best.

Our media, entertainment and thoughts are SO important. Of course there will be times we all have bad days and need to vent – keep doing that! Don’t store that energy! Many of the clients I see need sessions because of stored negative energy they didn’t release! BUT as soon as you can, pull up your boot straps and set that current or new intention of what you want out of life. And what a great time of year to get more clear on what you want. 


S Granahan 2015Sarah Granahan, HTP-A, RMT  is a Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice, Reiki Master / Teacher and Integrative Health Coach trained at Duke I/M. Sarah is also a metaphysical educator and offers classes with Spirit’s Quest. Sarah began her studies at InVision. In 2013 she began advanced studies with The Healing Touch Program and went on to study Reiki. Sarah sees clients in Raleigh, NC at The Sagewood Center. She makes hospice center, home and hospital visits aside from booking sessions worldwide through her distance work. Visit Sarah at http://www.colormyspirit.com.

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