Children Learn Relaxation Techniques at Little Guru Kids Yoga

Children learning the basics of yoga while having fun


Children have so many demands put on them nowadays – from school and homework, to busy family calendars, new gadgets they have to learn with the ever-expanding technology wave and don’t forget all those extracurriculars. What they may not realize is this is just a glimpse into the busy lives their parents and other adults lead on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, it’s not until adulthood that many people realize how stressed out they are as their bodies begin to respond with pain and other discomforts. At this point, people desperately search for some sort of self-care regime to help them relax, and take back some of that peace they used to feel in their younger years. Many are led to meditation, yoga, energy healing and other modalities to help them rediscover the calm they yearn for. But here’s an idea – why not teach our precious little ones about self-care and relaxation when they are young so they have the coping skills to respond to busyness and stress? Well, thanks to co-owners, Jen Davis and Jen Bluestone, the perfect place is now open to help teach our children those sorts of skills. Earlier this year, they opened Little Gurus Kids Yoga in Raleigh, NC and already, many parents are witnessing how yoga techniques are helping support their children on a daily basis.

Birthday parties and yoga – a great combination for a special celebration

Jen Davis and Jen Bluestone have been teaching yoga for over 10 years and met when they both attended a children’s yoga training class. They later joined forces and now offer yoga to children, babies and caregivers and high schoolers. Their studio also offers art classes and workshops along with speciality offerings such as birthday parties, retreats, camps, yoga and movie nights and teacher training. Jen says what they want to teach children is “how to be connected to the moment and each other, and to disconnect from all the negativity that devices and social media can create in a young person’s life.” She adds, “through yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and art we can give kids the tools they need to be present.”

And these women know their system is working because they are hearing great things coming directly from the children they teach. Jen recalls, “we have heard kids leaving the studio saying they had the best day of their life. We hear parents and kids walk in and say they feel calmer. We also hear about kids teaching their friends what they learn from us.” She also adds that kids tell them, “they practice their breathing when they are upset.” So they know their classes and offerings are making the impact they set out to accomplish.

The studio offers caregiver and baby classes

Little Guru Kids Yoga also teaches children how to give back to their surrounding community by supporting various non-profits. Recently, they helped Arts of Life, a non-profit which brings art into North Carolina-based childrens hospitals where teachers can’t go because of the severity of some of the illnesses. The studio was prepping art kits to deliver to Arts for Life for the children at some these hospitals. Like Arts of Life, the owners of Little Guru Kids Yoga have a wonderful mission helping to teach children how to find peace and calm. Jen says her goal is to live in a world where, “every child has access to yoga, whether it be in a school, a community center or a studio. We also hope to continue to train others to teach and inspire others to share their love of yoga with kids.”

To learn more about Little Guru Kids Yoga you can click YOGA for their website or contact Jen Davis and Jen Bluestone via email at:

S Granahan 2015Sarah Granahan, HTP-A, RMT – has been passionate about energy healing for over 10 years. She is a Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice and Reiki Master / Teacher. Sarah began her studies at InVision in Chicago, IL where she learned about meditation, psychic development and how energy healing worked. In 2013 she began advanced studies with The Healing Touch Program and went on to study Reiki. Sarah sees clients in northwest Raleigh at The Sagewood Center. She makes hospice center, home and hospital visits aside from booking sessions worldwide through her distance work. A humanitarian at heart, she volunteers with The Healing Touch Community Clinic, when not seeing clients, at WakeMed Hospital in Cary, NC.

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