Meet Virgil – Providing Awareness of Mesothelioma & Tips on Healing

Virgil Anderson navigated his healing journey with Mesothelioma and now gives back by helping others walking the same path.


Virgil Anderson is a man with a big heart. You see, he was diagnosed with Mesothelioma – an aggressive type of cancer that develops in the thin layers of the body’s tissues and organs.

As he spent many months trying to accept that his life’s journey would include walking with this type of diagnosis, he thought there must be more he could do. To take his struggle and turn it into a positive. Well, his mission became clear when he decided, “I want to inspire others with mesothelioma to continue living their lives in the face of this adversity.” So Virgil began brainstorming ways he could give back and help others walking his same path.

Virgil is now apart of the patient advocate network for – a website where you can learn about the different types of Mesothelioma and it’s stages, read about symptoms, possible causes and explore free resources they offer to support patients. “I am a recovering patient who received life-saving care through and their team of world-class doctors and treatment centers,” so having him contribute to their website just made so much sense.

One way that Virgil has been able to give back to the Mesothelioma community is by writing articles containing new and helpful information for cancer patients to explore. His recent article for their website is – Mesothelioma and Natural Chakra Healing.  It introduces cancer patients to alternative modalities they can explore while following their doctor’s treatment plans. Virgil says he receives alot of feedback from people about his work on the website, but, “generally I believe I am doing the right thing and in the long run it will reach and inspire others.” 

Virgil Anderson and go beyond just helping people by sharing critical, life-saving information, they also base their belief system on giving back. When it comes to humanitarian work, Virgil says, I believe that everyone should contribute to a charity that is dear to their own heart. I encourage others to find their own cause and support it the best they can.” Both and Virgil support multiple charities such as Make-a-wish and American Cancer SocietyVirgil Anderson is an inspirational man with a big heart who has found a way to give back to the community that supported him on his life’s journey.

To learn more about and to read some of Virgil Anderson’s articles, click here.

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