Injuries: Not Just Physical Traumas

I have seen quite a few people now in my practice over the years with physical traumas or ID-100184378injuries they have sustained from surgeries, accidents or injuries. Whether these sessions are in-person or via distance work, one thing is clear – they often not only have stuck or congested energy in their physical field, but I can also see lingering traumas to their emotional, mental and spiritual fields. These smaller layers of trauma and injury can often cause physical wounds and pains to linger or not heal as well. Often after a physical injury heals, unexplored congestion from the surgery or injury can linger in the human energy fields and cause new pains to develop or other issues to arise. So why does this happen to some people when others are able to heal quickly and sometimes even pain-free?

You see, our bodies can’t really talk to us like our friends and family do. The only way our bodies know how to get our attention is to talk to us through feelings of sadness, depression, anger, etc, or via soreness, pains or by getting sick. These symptoms get our attention and definitely slow us down from enjoying our day-to-day lives. Some people who are sensitive to their surroundings can even pick up on other peoples feelings and pains and then experience them in their own bodies, mimicking how others feel. I am an intuitive empath so I pick up on that when I work on people if they are ready to hear that information. I have figured out how to let my gift help me with the work I do. When I get physical or emotional “impressions” during a session, the information given helps me to understand why a client is feeling a certain way or experiencing the pains they feel. This can really help with people who are not in touch with their feeling. Or they may think they know why they feel a certain way but they may not know the bigger picture. This medical intuition helps guide me to where I should work on a client during a session to help support them for their highest and greatest good.

Recently, I worked with a young woman who had been experiencing headaches and migraines. When I worked on her I could see the “blow” to her head and how it appeared like she almost blacked out during an accident that she had sustained. It looked like a lightening bolt had struck her head and I could feel the congestion in her emotional field from this injury. It turned out she had been kicked in the head during a game she played on a school team. Although she had been out of the hospital for a while now, her body was still carrying around trauma and pain in her other energy fields from the injury. This was causing her to continue to experience smaller hurts and pains from time to time. She wasn’t aware that she still had some emotional aspects to work through surrounding the injury she experienced. So the session was very helpful for her – finally her her body was being heard again.

I have had other clients who are carrying with them intense physical pains but their physicians are not quite sure why they are experiencing the pains they have. I can tell their pains are very real for them – they feel them so much and have little to no range of movement. Pain medication and other treatments have yet to help them feel restored enough to be pain-free again. This is where energy work with medical intuition can be of some assistance. Often people think their pains are caused from physical issues alone. But like I shared before, the body can imprint a physical injury or trauma when it happens not only into the physical field but also into the emotional, mental and spiritual fields. Maybe the injury caused you to slow down and you were unable to work so your self-esteem was effected as you healed. That would be seen on the mental and most likely emotional fields during a session. If that energy is left uncleared, then new pains or feelings might occur over time. But overall, they may relate to that one day you had that fall, or a car accident or some other trauma to the body.

To help people explore how they are feeling on a deeper level or to allow they bodies to talk to them for sometimes the first time about an issue, I offer Reiki and Healing Touch Sessions. Both energy healing modalities help to re-establish flow by opening, connecting and balancing the human energy system or chakras. I check all fields and work on them to help release what might be left over residue that you no longer need to be carrying. The client is always in charge of their sessions. And they will release what they are ready to let go of for their highest and greatest good. As in massage work, the body will clear and release “toxins” after receiving one of these treatments. As toxins are cleared, the body is better able to release endorphins, regulate hormones, relax muscles, absorb nutrients and regulate the immune system. This is why people are left feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and restored after their sessions.
Treatments not only help with pain control, but can support stress & anxiety, migraines, arthritis, grief management, side effects from cancer treatments and wound & fracture healing to name a few. Reiki and Healing Touch sessions are also perfect to help maintain general well-being and ongoing healthcare. Contact me today to book your session and see how good you can feel! Individual sessions and discounted session packages are also available. Check out our Facebook page and website for special offers and promotions. Namaste.


S Granahan 2015Sarah Granahan, HTP-A, RMT – has been passionate about energy healing for over 10 years. She is a Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice and Reiki Master Teacher. Sarah began her studies at InVision in Chicago, IL where she learned about meditation, how to provide energy work on clients and learned intuitive development. In 2013 she began advanced studies with The Healing Touch Program and went on to study Reiki. Sarah sees clients in Raleigh, NC out of The Sagewood Center and in Apex, NC at Syeni Salon & Day Spa. She makes hospice center and hospital visits aside from booking sessions worldwide through her distance work. A humanitarian at heart, she volunteers with The Healing Touch Community Outreach Clinic monthly at WakeMed Hospital in Cary, NC. 

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