Supporting Pain with Energy Healing

ID-100103894Life is full of ups and downs – its wonderful joys and at times, its very, very challenging times. That’s the beauty of living a life in full color – the variety is what creates our experiences and memories. I have seen this in my own practice – my name is Sarah Granahan and I am a Reiki Master Teacher and Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice.

I have had the pleasure of working with people as happy as can be, but learn they are experiencing pain in a certain part of their bodies and they don’t know why. Some even have excellent health, but during a session, I feel emotions they are holding onto in a certain part of their body. You see, I am sensitive and can feel impressions in my surroundings, so this happens to me alot. Also known as being an empath, I can feel someone else’s anxiety, anger, sadness, you name it! I will get messages or feelings telling me there is a certain emotion in someone’s energy system. Luckily, I have learned ways to turn this gift on and off so I only use it during my sessions to tell me more about a client’s issue or well-being. Over time, I’ve noticed that most people aren’t even aware of how they are feeling or that they are holding onto “old feelings.”

Now we all may feel intense emotions at certain times in our lives but they can become an issue when we weren’t able to express them. Depending on how intense the emotions were or how long those emotions lasted can really have an effect on our bodies. Some people let life’s experiences wash right off them, and choose not to hold onto the feelings they had. While others, may feel hurt deeply by something that has happened. In the human energy field, these emotions and the energy created can become imprinted – or what we see and feel as “stuck energy.”

Maybe we didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings so we swallowed down what we really wanted to say in order to avoid a confrontation. We felt afraid, saddened, or anxious but again, depending on the situation, we felt we didn’t want to or weren’t allowed to express how we were feeling. These experiences can leave impressions in our energy fields, which if not supported, can eventually lead to physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issues and pains. Time goes by and we may even forget about those experiences – but our human energy field doesn’t forget.

To get our attention and to tell us we need a tune up, our bodies may start talking to us through pain or other issues. What an ingenious way to communicate – if we wake up one day and feel different or have pain somewhere, what do we do? We focus in on that area. Now add in some worry or even anxiety about the issue. If we are self-aware, we can begin tuning into what our bodies are try to tell us. Some people notice a wave of sadness surrounding them each year the anniversary of someone’s passing has happened. If you are able to pinpoint the cycle or time period that is causing this feeling for you – congratulations! Self-awareness is a big step toward helping to heal and support your body. Simply you may have some more grieving to do.

But sometimes we aren’t sure what is wrong and that is when it’s a good time to see your
doctor. But if it’s an energetic issue, your physician may not see anything on your tests to prove you have some sort of diagnosable issue. If it’s emotional pain you are experiencing, you can begin pain management treatments but they may or may not help much. A great ID-10068589way to explore and help release any congestion in your human energy field, whether emotionally based or not, is to try an energy healing session. Energy work is a wonderful and complimentary treatment to ongoing medial care that often can help you heal faster from what ails. Like getting a massage from time-to-time, energy healing sessions are great for ongoing self-care. Sessions can help your body release stuck energy and toxins that are no longer needed to pave the way for more healthful support.

Life truly is beautiful – to be able to feel so much during some of our greatest adventures. The more sensitive you are to life and day-to-day living, the more emotions you will experience along the way. Be open to what life has to offer and know you have alternatives to wellness and healthcare to help support you along that journey. Namaste.


S Granahan 2015Sarah Granahan, HTP-A, RMT – has been passionate about energy healing for over 10 years. She is a Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice and Reiki Master / Teacher. Sarah began her studies at InVision in Chicago, IL where she learned about meditation and how to provide energy work for clients. In 2013 she began advanced studies with The Healing Touch Program and went on to study Reiki. Sarah sees clients in northwest Raleigh at The Sagewood Center and in Apex at Syeni Salon & Day Spa. She makes hospice center and hospital visits aside from booking sessions worldwide through her distance work. A humanitarian at heart, she volunteers with The Healing Touch Community Clinic monthly at WakeMed Hospital in Cary, NC. 






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