Find Your Healing Energy in 2015!

dT8EpajTeThere are many reasons I am thankful for 2014, but one area in particular is the progress I’ve made in the energy healing realm. I became an HTP-A or Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice this past summer, working toward my goal of completing their extensive program. I didn’t do it for the title, because what I love most about Healing Touch is getting out there and doing the work. Hearing about the results and seeing the connection I make with the people I work with is such a blessing. I also love coming up with new ways I can use my gifts to help people not only on my table, but around the world. Part of that goal was reached when I mastered distance sessions this year. And now I have had the absolute delight in learning how to work with parents and their children.

I would love to be doing this work for any child, animal or person around the world. If it can help to at least make things more comfortable or if Spirit / God allows, a major healing to take place, I just love being apart of that reality. And love hearing about all the results. This past week I was in Illinois doing sessions out of Holistic Happenings Healing Center in Tinley Park, IL. And one of my clients blogged about her experience during our session together. Please give it a read, she is an amazing woman with a daughter whom I now is going to do great things – just like her mother.

Happy New Year everyone! May this New Year bring you more gifts and love then you had ever imagined possible – go 2015!

Serenity Spectrum

Have you heard of Healing Touch? If not here is a great post that explains Healing Touch.

On Saturday, I had a Healing Touch session with Sarah, from Color My Spirit. In this session, the intention was to work on Beth, through me. I was the one on the table, while Beth was at my parents house playing the day away. Before I left for my session, I put Chakra Balancing Oils on both Beth and myself. I also put a Chakra ring on both us. I then brought a picture of Beth, for Sarah to have during the session. Since Beth loves rocks, and is always on a quest for the perfect gold one, Sarah also placed a beautiful pyrite stone (amongst others) by Beth’s picture.

We talked about what I hoped to achieve through the session. My main goal was to help Beth process, and move…

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